Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friends With Benefits

After our first reader question relating to the subject of dating, it started me thinking about dating in this current culture. I was thinking about the whole idea of Friends With Benefits, or FWB, as it is commonly known. I have to laugh to myself over the concept because something like that does tend to illustrate the difference in the generations between myself and Lauren, and the idea of me becoming "older" is one I am still coming to grips with! (Although that is a topic for a different blog!)

So what do we all think about this FWB deal? I don't even think I understand it fully. I mean to me, I can't fathom the idea of "benefits" without a relationship being part of the equation. Don't get me wrong, I do understand the idea of the "hook up" or in my day, "the one-night stand", but I am referring to a real relationship between two people who are truly friends, but are also enjoying a physical side to their friendship.  I know of many friendships that are more intimate than some marriages, so maybe that is what allows this type of arrangement to work? Or is the FWB deal that the two people are truly just in the arrangement for the sex? And if this is a continuous thing, doesn't the relationship continue to develop through the intimacy that sex can bring? How do you literally bare your body without also revealing and exposing your heart? And if you are going there, why not just call it a romance? Am I a dinosaur? STOP!!! Don't answer that......But seriously, somebody please explain to me how this deal works, or if it is all truly just some hyped up pop cultural trend that everyone thinks "everyone else" must be ascribing to. Seems to me to be a perfect set-up for SOMEONE to get their feelings hurt.


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